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 Even though the market for beverage can stoppers is growing, very few available products really fill consumer needs.

These products are often cheaply made and their performance is uneven. The can is never completely airtight, and the drink flattens quickly. And that¹s once you get the stopper on at all, since they are often difficult to apply.

The necessary technology had not yet been fully thought out until now: introducing QuikTop™, the functional solution to beverage can pressure loss.

To state the obvious: once open, a drink can has to be hermetically sealed in order to conserve carbonation

and prevent leakage.

QuikTop™ guarantees a perfect seal by a new patented seal that works with pressure, not against it.

Once closed with QuikTop™, the pressure generated by a carbonated beverage exerts a strong pressure on the product, 150 pounds (about 70 kilos) at 4 bars, the maximum pressure generated by beers and sodas within a full can.

Before QuikTop™, this pressure would pop any conventional can stopper. So what is the other secret of QuikTop™?

A special clip, also a key element in the patent, secures the device firmly on the can.

Molded in a specific, ultra-resistant plastic, the clip takes the shape of two easy-to-use handles. The clip uses the pressure of the drink to secure closure (an auto-lock system) while permitting easy on-off action thanks to a seal flexibility factor.

All materials used in the manufacture of QuikTop™ adhere to the strictest food industry standards (FDA approved)

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