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Turf club - Singapore


Banei Keiba
Japanese only, a unique form of horse racing that originated in Japan where the horses pull sledges.

Big Liar Online
Strange name but a nice site with lots of info. Menu is in English but the rest is in Japanese.

The winner and his sire of all the major international races for the last 15 years. Mostly in Japanese but still worthwhile to anyone for the parts you can read.

Carrot Lunch
Nice looking site in Japanese that is very popular if you can believe their counter.

Interesting looking page but all in Japanese.

Dennou Keiba Juku
All in Japanese but definitely about horse racing. Some interesting graphics.

The Derby Square
Looks nice and includes a pedigree look-up page but all in Japanese

Derby Stallion
A horse racing simulation game for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sony PlayStation. Looks interesting but all the screen shots were in Japanese.

Dondetch Horse Racing
mostly in Japanese, but some English

Faire de Merveilles!
Fan page for Japanese race horse Meveilles. In Japanese.

Foreign Horse Racing Information
In Japanese so I can't read it, but it looks to be kept very current.

Hermit's History of Horse Racing and Pedigree
English and Japanese language site that includes complete winners lists for all the world's major races plus sire line tables including extinct sire lines

Hohobono Racing
Looks interesting but all in Japanese

Horse Fan Club 15-15
Info and selections for Japanese dirt racing. In Japanese.

in Japanese and English, includes Japanese racing results

Horse Race Page
In Japanese, looks fairly out of date.

Horse Racing in Japan
Interesting article from Tokyo Classified that is aimed more at the foreign English speaking visitor. Includes a nice list of Japanese racing terms with their English equivalents.

Horse Racing Square
from Japan, some in English

Horse Racing Weekly
Mostly in Japanese, but one title says "Grade Races in This Week".

The Japan Association for International Horse Racing
An excellent site in English that promotes Japanese racing to the world, assists people coming from other countries to Japan to race and Japanese people going to other countries to race. Includes news, results, location of racecourses, betting guide, and more.

Japan Bloodstock
Impressive database of pedigree info and more for horses world wide. You really need to be in a high resolution mode at full screen to work with it effectively.

Japanese Racing Terms
A list of common terms in Japanese with their English equivalents.

Japan Racing Association, all in Japanese.

Kawasaki Dirt4 Home Page
Japanese only page on dirt racing in Kawasaki

Kawasaki Horse Racing
All about racing in Kawasaki City southwest of Tokyo. In English and Japanese.

A list server for forecasting the results of major races. Free of charge and has a competition for most successful forecasts. Japanese only.

Keiba Fan
In Japanese but looks to have lots of info and some nice photos.

Keiba Nihon
All in Japanese so idea what is on it, but there is a lot of stuff there and the pictures are horse racing.

Keiba Room
In Japanese

Keiba World
Takechi Furuichi, mostly in Japanese

Keikou's Breeders' Cup 1997
Site of a Breeders Cup fan with results for past running and the prep races for this year with ratings for contenders. Some parts are readable in English but mostly in Japanese.

Kodawari Minamikantou Home Page
Only in Japanese but a lot of information about race tracks in Minami Kantou area(Tokyo metropolitan area).

Mackun's Keiba Page
In Japanese

Makihara Yukiko Support Page
Fan page for the first lady jockey in the Japan Racing Association, Yukiko Makihara. Anything you could want to know about "Macky": profiles, racing results, lots of photographs, etc. In Japanese only.

Nitta's Study of Horse Racing
In Japanese

Photo Museum of Horse Racing
Lots of nice photos but they are pretty big so be ready for long downloads.

RaceHorse Home Page
Interesting looking but all in Japanese

Racing Channel
Nice looking page but all in Japanese

Racing Report
Lots of good info on Japanese racing in English or Japanese!

The Racing Times
Another page that is also all in Japanese

Room of RaceHorse
All in Japanese but some nice photos.

Ryuuou's Japanese Horse Racing Page
Nice English page with race results for JRA tracks, Sunday Silence at stud, basic info and rules,

TCK Today
Unofficial site in Japanese only on urban dirt racing.

Tenpoint Box
In Japanese, but I think it is a page for a specific horse.

Tommy's Horse Racing
Lots of great photos of big stakes winners and racecourses in Japan. English and Japanese versions available.

Tokyo Race Course
Looks interesting, but all in Japanese. Also check this site for a course diagram and a map showing how to find the track.

Another interesting site mostly in Japanese. Does have a Photo Circle link that goes to pages of photos from Japanese racetracks and farms.

With Online
In Japanese

World Wide Keiba
Frequently updated with information about racing worldwide. In Japanese.

Yamaguchi U. Local Service Page
Nice page in Japanese with good photos. VERY limited English version.

Yuko Iwama's Gallery
Nice photos of top Japanese racers. Enough English to navigate but most of the photo captions are in Japanese.


Japan Bloodstock
Horse Racing World
Japanese Leading Sire Top 10
Racing In Japan
Racing Report
Takeshi Furuichi Home Page
Horse Racing Square
Horse Power Data Service
HK Racing Services
Hong Kong Horse Racing Homepage
Hong Kong Racing Journal
Hong Kong Star Racing Pages
Macau Jockey Club
Speed Club
Super Horse
Great China Net Horse Racing Page

Hong Kong, Korea, and Macau

Declan Murphy Bloodstock
Purchasing quality Thoroughbreds for Hong Kong and Macau Horse owners

Hainan Jockey Club
One-pager for the track in Haikou City, Hainan, China. In English!

HK Racing Services
Sometimes give a failure first try, but just try again and it goes through. Provides ratings, comments, and summaries for Hong Kong racing.

HK Horse Racing Tips
Hong Kong racing, all in Chinese

The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Very nice site in both English and Chinese.

Hong Kong Racing Journal
Includes entries, results, workouts, PPs, audio, and more for Hong Kong.

Horse Power Data Service
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Star Racing Pages

Looks nice but all in Chinese.

Macau Jockey Club
Nice looking site if a bit slow to download. All the info you might need about racing in Macau.

MarcoWin Racing Journal
Hong Kong, in Chinese

Racing Index
Hong Kong Simulcast Info

Racing Post Online
South China Morning Post English coverage of Hong Kong racing. News, tips, results, track work, race cards, horse, jockey and trainer statistics and more. Also has live broadcast of the race in Real Audio.

SN Horse Racing Club
I think it is Korean racing but it could be Hong Kong. No Englush version so I am not sure.

Speed Club

Super Horse

Thomas HK Horseracing Homepage
Hong Kong, in Chinese


Korean Racing Association
Nice looking pages. In Korean, but there is an English version.

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