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The floating swimsuit, a child aged 2 to 6 can play his or her way to swim strokes with an ease and balance that makes those iffy innertubes and arm puffs obsolete. Instead of tears and fears, Swimcoach helps children feel more at home and happier in the water. The swimsuit's highly visible bright neon lycra top helps parents to relax at the beach or pool. Borne up by its patented flotation material, Swimcoach increases the child's safety in the water, and improves his or her confidence and ability to move around, and to learn how to swim. Currently catching on at pools and beaches throughout Western Europe and the US, the unisex swimsuit also provides sun protection on a large part of the child's sensitive body. Swimcoach, available in two sizes and four colors, is a perfect gift for European parents and grandparents who can afford to spend time near the water, and a present for their precious offspring.









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